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Epitact Sport

MILLET Innovation, leader in podiatry in Europe with its brand EPITACT®, launched only three years ago the first product of flexible orthopedics to correct the hallux valgus. This ultra-light orthosis is worn in all shoes and acts in dynamics on all the factors aggravating the deformation. This performance was made possible by the invention of a patented silicone outer tendon, the EPITHELIUMFLEX®, which corrects and maintains the joint. This innovation has relieved in just 3 years already more than a million people in Europe!



Convinced that we have a "breaking technology" that can bring a high added value to the world of orthopedics and sport, we have developed a knee brace that meets the disadvantages of already existing products, whether knitted or neoprene.

The ultra light EPITHELIUMFLEX® 01 knee brace, less than 60 g, has been specially designed for sport. It can be worn in painful periods to relieve the knee, but also in prevention over the long term. With an incomparable ergonomics, the knee joint does not slip and does not cause any discomfort behind the knee. Extra fine, it can be worn under any type of clothing. 

This knee pad is part of the EPITACT® SPORT range, which also includes a hallux valgus ("onion") orthosis to improve support, plantar protections to avoid under-the-foot warm-ups, solutions to prevent blisters and Blue nails ... but also innovations that protect the malleoli and shins of skiers ...

 Many sportsmen already enjoy the comfort and protection of EPITACT ® SPORT products . Join them so that the sport remains above all a pleasure ...