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BV Sport


The venous physiology

Blood in human beings is distributed by arteries which provide muscles with oxygen, and by veins which eliminate toxins. During intense effort, cardiac output can increase by 5 to 6 times and the blood capacity of muscles can increase by up to 20 times the normal amount.

Human beings have the principal heart and 2 peripheral hearts which are located on the calves. The blood inside the calf is so far from heart and lungs that its flow upwards is very difficult.

While playing sport, whether competitively or recreationally, and while carrying out work which involves walking, sitting or standing for long periods of time, the calf acts like a quickly absorbing sponge.  At the end of the day, the calf is full of toxins and is dilated.  This results is a venous dilation, and an increase of blood pressure causing poor muscle oxygenation, heaviness, fatigue, leg cramps and a weaker performance. If these conditions occur repeatedly, a fragility of muscle fibres on the calf will follow, along with a major risk of injuries.The application of specific and graduated calf support during sporting activity enables better elimination of waste matter and toxins.


The recovery

BV SPORT Progressive compression patent. The BV SPORT compression effect   will act on the main venous reserve of the CALF, which is a true muscular and vascular sponge.The pressures adapted to the CALF allow the efficiency of the peripheral heart (the calf) at any movement. It helps a quicker elimination of the venous blood bad oxygenated  and full of toxins (lactic acid, free radicals, CO2…).

The performance

BV SPORT Progressive compression patent.The SUPPORT effect (or aponeurosis), thanks to a graduated pressure on the calf, enables a better oxygenation and improve the muscle performance during the physical effort.


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