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Welcome to SportsVirtuoso.com - your online store for racquet sports.

Our goal is to offer the best racquet sport products, carefully packaged and conveniently shipped to your door.

However if you would like to order online and pick up from one of our local Montreal stores, you are most welcome to do so.

We have two stores in Montreal; one located at 5277 Park Avenue and the second located inside the Atwater Squash Club (3505 Atwater Avenue).

Our Store at 5277 Av Du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V 4G9

(514) 272-8928 
Mon-Fri 12:00-18:30
Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00

Sports Virtuoso Store Montreal

Sport Virtuoso Montreal in store view

Our in Store Squash Racquet Selection

 Sports Virtuoso Squash Racquet Selection

Our in Store Mens Court Shoe Selection

Sports Virtuoso Montreal Court Shoes Selection


Our Store at 3505 Atwater Avenue, Montreal, QC H3H 1Y2

(514) 935-2431 (Ask for Pro Shop) 
Mon-Thu 17:00-20:00


Sports Virtuoso at Atwater Store


Our Store at One Health Clubs, Mississauga, Ontario

Sports Virtuoso @ One Health Clubs
2021 Cliff Rd.,
Mississauga, ON L5A 3N7
(905) 275-0610, ext 203 
Mon-Thu 16:30-19:30 SportsVirtuoso @ One Health Clubs

 SV @ One Health Clubs - Shoe Selection

SV @ One Health Clubs - Squash Racquets

SV @ One Health Clubs - Racquet sports accessories

Sports Virtuoso @ One Health Clubs - Exterior view

Our Online Store - SportsVirtuoso.com

While SportsVirtuoso.com is relatively new (it was launched in 2011), we've had a lot of experience in the racquet sport industry - online with Amazon and eBay, and at our physical store. As an online customer, rest assured you are every bit as important to us as someone who walks through the door in Montreal.

We want shopping from SportsVirtuoso.com to be just as enjoyable and informative as shopping from our local store, but with all the added efficiency of the internet. 


SportsVirtuoso.com is intended to be easy to navigate, with good product information so that you can quickly find the racquet gear you need. How you pay is flexible and secure, and your order will be carefully packaged and quickly shipped so that you can get on with playing your sport.

Shopping online is no different from shopping at our local store in Montreal, if anything ever goes wrong, we're here to help. You can phone us, email us, send us mail or even drop by and talk to us in person. All our products are sold with the same warranties we offer at our physical store, and if anything is ever defective we'll replace it at our expense.

Click for full returns and refunds information.

"Your satisfaction is our top priority." 

Meet the team behind SportsVirtuoso.com

If you're a member at either the Atwater or Club Sportif Côte de Liesse squash clubs in Montreal you've probably seen one of us. 

Tim Burganov specialises in tight attacking drops from any position on the squash court.

He is the founder of the Montreal racquet store and over the years has worked hard on developing great relationships with our suppliers to ensure we always have the best racquet products available.

Tim currently plays with Xamsa CNT 135 and CNT 140 rackets and is frequent at a couple of squash clubs in Montreal.


Canadians buy in confidence - we live, work and ship our racquet products from Canada.

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