Our History

Way before SportsVirtuoso.com was ever conceived there was a passion for squash - the fast, intense, exciting game which can be played at any time - rain, sun or snow.

Our Montreal racquet shop was first opened in 2005, to merge our enjoyment of the game into a business we could be proud of and happy to work at. The best thing about owning a racquet shop is the passionate customers; we just love talking to people who are excited about the same things we enjoy - playing the sport, whether it be squash, tennis or badminton.

"It's a pleasure serving customers who are passionate about their sport."

In our Montreal racquet store we stock everything a racquet sport enthusiast needs to enjoy the game. We're pleased to maintain an especially large selection of squash racquets and shoes. In addition we stock badminton and tennis racquets plus table tennis paddles, bags, grips, shuttles and we also offer a stringing service.