Dunlop TR Precision 98 Tennis Racquet Orange/Black

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Masterminded for the player exploring the depths of ultimate accuracy, Dunlop introduces their most compelling racquet series to date, the Dunlop Precision. Examining the Dunlop 98, this frame comes in at a tad lighter weight than the tour with a weight of 11.2 ounces strung. The Precision 98 provides excellent maneuverability to go with some very encouraging spin potential thanks to the 16x19 string pattern.

The Precision frames come fully loaded with the latest technologies from Dunlop. A modern, comfortable feel is at a premium with the Precision 98 as Dunlop has managed to incorporate their SRX shock reduction technology into the handle of the racquet. This SRX technology helps clean out heavy vibrations on off-center hits. Dunlop has placed a unique material known as Glide Polymer within the grommets of the racquet helping reduce any friction and increasing long lasting durability. Dunlop's advanced design includes their Hybrid Cross Section, combining both aero and box beam all into one, permitting an excellent combination of power, control and feel. Parallel strung technology holds the strings within the frame in an exact alignment across the main hitting area, helping serve exceptional string movement and response. This frame also features 30% wider flare at the butt cap enhancing racquet control and stability in the hand thanks to Dunlop's Hyper Flare technology.

Overall, the Dunlop 98 is ideal frame for players who gravitate towards a lighter more maneuverable racquet that cuts through the air with ease, offering excellent precision.



Beam: 22mm

Head Size: 98 inch2

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