Re-gripping service with Xamsa X-GLU

Xamsa SKU: 3479292
Re-gripping service with/avec Xamsa X-GLU Re-gripping service Xamsa Green

Re-gripping service with Xamsa X-GLU

Xamsa SKU: 3479292
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PU (Polyurethane Material) self-adhesive Xamsa X-GLU replacement grip.

- Non-Slip PU surface
- Soft touch
- Durable
- Universal (good for any racquet)

Dimensions: 110cm x 2.5cm x 1.75mm

Weight: 15- 16gr.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Shawn DeLierre
When you want a real grip on your game. There's only one that counts. Xamsa X-Glu Replacement Grip

This grip beat all others on the market. It stays sticky for months on end and I would not use any other if I could help it. The grip is so so important so make sure it is durable and tacky for the best handle on your shots possible

William Franco
Best grips and the best company

I started using the x-flu grips after the karakal super PU grip quality began to fall. I read from Reddit that these were the best now and I bought a few. And I have to say they are better than the karakal grips of 7 years ago. Best grips, last longer and the company is run by awesome people. I use them for
Both squash and pickleball. Couldn’t recommend more.

Bernard Boucher
Excellent !

Et super service - vous êtes les pros à Montréal !


Good grip. Nice and quick work.

Dominique Caouette
Travail fait avec brio!

Tout à fait satisfait. Le service a été impeccable.

Raymond CYR
New grip ruban X GLU

It was a bit too sticky at the beginning, I was not used to it.
After playing with it 3 - 4 times, it is very good.
I like the grip but might go to the former one.
The total circumference is a bit too small compared to before...


Excellent service et abordable

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