WILSON BLADE SW104 Autograph Countervail Serena Williams 18x19 Tennis Racquet unstrung

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Serena Williams’ secret weapon

Wilson Blade 104 CV SW Autograph carries the signature of Serena Williams – and we don’t just mean the decoratively printed autograph on the racket. What we mean is that this racket is made for players, who play high-octane, aggressive tennis like Serena does.

Maximised power for aggressive basic shots

A whopping 306 grams means that this racket is no lightweight, meaning it offers extra high force transmission. At 671 cm², the racket head is also slightly larger than you would expect of a professional racket. Hitting a ball couldn’t be easier.

The racket also features a very tight string pattern to ensure you do not lose control of the ball with all that power behind your shots. You get more precision and your aggressive shots will hit the court just where you want them to keep your opponent on the back foot.

Wilson Blade 104 CV SW Autograph doesn’t just offer excellent playing properties – it is also incredibly easy to handle. The innovative Countervail technology makes it feel very comfortable in your hand.

Get your very own signature racket by Serena Williams and destroy your opponent!

Head size (cm²) 671
Racket cover No
String pattern 18/19
Profile (mm) 22
Weight unstrung (g) 306
Balance (mm) 330
Features Wilson Attacker
Length (mm) 710

Weight indicated by Manufacturer:306 g
Primary Colour:Green
Balance point indicated by Manufacturer:330
Frame Materials:Graphite
Frame surface area:104 inch2
Maximum String Tension:60 lbs
String pattern:18x19
Manufacturing country:CN

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