Yonex VCore SV 98 285g Tennis Racquet Unstrung

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VCORE SV ensures shots drive down over the net with outstanding spin and tremendous accuracy. Strategically placed fins, both inside and outside the frame reduce air resistance for better swing speed and ball spin.

The Aero Fin technology decreases air resistance by 16% and increases swing speed by 2.9% to help you push your serves to the limit and hit with increased spin.

The racket feels great to play with thanks to the SV frame. Nanometric XT carbon has been added to the top of the frame for increased flex, improving ball pocketing. The frame shoulder has been made aerodynamic to improve repulsion by 2%.

To complete the feel and playability of the racket, the Yonex fan favourite ISOMETRIC head returns to give players a giant sweetspot.

Spin it to the limit with VCORE SV.