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Halo V avec bande Velcro®

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Le Halo V est le dernier ajout à la gamme de bandeaux Halo Headband. Doté d'une sangle Velcro® réglable, ce bandeau est une excellente solution pour les athlètes à la recherche d'un ajustement personnalisé. Le bandeau contient la même technologie brevetée Sweatblock que nos autres bandeaux anti-transpiration et constitue une excellente alternative à notre autre bandeau réglable, la version Halo I - tie.

Caractéristiques du bandeau réglable (Halo V) :

  • Le bandeau anti-transpiration Halo V dispose d'une fermeture de marque VELCRO® réglable qui lui permet de s'adapter à n'importe quelle taille de tête.
  • La fermeture de la marque VELCRO® est douce et lisse (ne tire pas sur les cheveux)
  • Le SweatBlock Seal breveté canalise la transpiration vers l'arrière et loin des yeux et du visage !
  • Le tissu Dryline® absorbe la transpiration, évacue l'humidité et sèche rapidement
  • Ne perd pas sa forme, sa forme ou son étirement
  • Reste en place pendant toute activité
  • Taille unique pour homme et femme
  • Fonctionne très bien sous les casques
  • Garantie d'un an contre les défauts de fabrication
  • Fabriqué aux États-Unis

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jennifer Blanchard

I love my Halo headband. I have worn it for all my workouts since it came in. I instruct a small POUND fitness class, but due to COVID I use a headset microphone so I don't spread droplets. I use my Halo Headband over my headset to keep it securely on my head while I jump around. I have back-to-back classes for two hours and this thing only needs minor adjustments. I am going to have to buy a second one to use while the first one is drying! (The photo is before class, I don't have my headset on quite yet.) 100% would recommend.

Great customer service

Great headband and I also bought another visor. Just want to say thank you for the great customer service!

Honk Nation
Experience surpassed high exception.

Just fantastic product. Amazing quality. I love the look and feel. Sipping front he company’s website direct was painfully slow (3+ weeks). Went to Amazon and see I could have received in a couple of days.. But regardless this product is a game changer, while allowing some fantastic (camo) looks while sweating profusely, lol.

Cheers and keep the great work.

Dan Mansfield
Awesome headband

I have seen the Halo ads in Bicycling mag for years. While on a recent ride on a very hot and humid day I had to keep wiping the sweat out of my eyes and I decided I was going to finally pull the trigger on getting a Halo headband. I have only used it a few times but i can confidently say it has definitely helped to keep some of the sweat out of my eyes. I am amazed at how much sweat the small band can hold. I am looking forward to trying it later this week for hockey.

Julie Lanoue
Halo V-Velcro Bandeau

Super bandeau! Il est parfait car il est ajustable avec le velcro. Je le recommande! :)

Wayne Westby
Halo V headband

Comfortable and stylish headband. Works well for me, and can be worn with or without a hat. Definitely recommend!

Shaun Mason

as a heavy head sweater the Halo band does a decent job of keeping the sweet out of my eyes.

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