Xamsa Obsidian Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa Strung with Xamsa PM18
Xamsa Obsidian Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa
Xamsa Obsidian Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa
Xamsa Obsidian Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa
Xamsa Obsidian Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa
Xamsa Obsidian Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa No strings

Raquette de squash Xamsa Obsidian

Xamsa SKU: 706090797942
Prix régulier $120.00 CAD
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Excellent contrôle sans compromettre la maniabilité.

Ce modèle remplace le PNT 110.

Quantité limitée. Le premier lot ne contient que 200 raquettes.

Vous pouvez consulter la revue vidéo de cette raquette par Pierre de Squash Source.


100% fibre de carbone Toray Japon

Bords en forme de diamant pour un meilleur aérodynamisme

Pare-chocs supérieur amovible (rend la raquette 7 g plus légère et 15 mm plus légère à la tête)

Poids net du cadre 112 grammes ± 3 g
Poids cordé 153 grammes ± 3 g
Superficie 500cm2
Longueur 686 millimètres
Balance (cordée) 365 mm ± 5 mm (avec pare-chocs supérieur)
Chaîne de caractères Patron 14x18, Xamsa Multifilament PM 18, Cordes multifilaments noires pour un excellent toucher
Saisir Xamsa Tacky Poignée, Noir

Voici la critique vidéo de Xamsa Obsidian par Pierre de SquashSource :

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Decent Racquet for a Reasonable Price

I like the the feel of it in my hand. its feels a little head heaver than what I am use to but all in all I like it.

Alec S
Great racquet but questionable durability

I really like the racquet and really want to continue to like the racquet, but I am starting to question the durability of this one. I have had 2 now that have cracked across the face, each lasting only 30 days. I am not a crazy power hitter, and my game is good enough that I don't have bone crushing wall impacts, however I do play everyday. I hope a racquet should last more that 30-45 hours of play. Tim has been great and we are working through the problems.

Thank you for the review. We only had 6 warranty claims on this model which is less than 2% of the racquets sold but it's very unusual that your two racquets broke so fast. We will find a solution for you. I will be in touch. Thanks again, Tim

Ronald Li
Really Satisfied

Love the racquet, feels very comfortable and smooth. Xamsa provides exceptional customer service and went above and beyond to give me advice with selecting the right strings for the racquet.

Martin H
Good racquet, great price

The obsidian is a really solid choice for a bridged racquet. Good feel and good power for half the price of anything equivalent.

Emilie Corcoran
Love Xamsa Obsidian

I've said it time and time again, the minute I tried a Xamsa I never looked back. It its a great balance of agility/finess and power. Its durability is also a huge selling point for me.

Would buy again!

string and balance

string too soft and become lose real fast. head heavy as it is.

Sameh Elgamal
Great Racquet

This racquet is beautiful. It feels very comfortable and balanced when I hold it. The all-black style is cool. And, I liked how they put an arrow at the bottom (people always ask me to spin for the first serve).

My squash mates tried it out and they liked it. One of them hit the ball for 2 minutes with it and bought it on the same day.

It is my top favorite or, at least, in the top 2 favorite racquets that I have used so far.

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