Déjà Vu? Clubs to reopen March 26th

Apr 1, 2021

As I was typing this announcement, an odd feeling of familiarity came over me.

And fair enough, I found the newsletter from June 2020 with a similar content.

Is this déjà vu, or is something fundamentally different?

Last year, I knew it was far from over and it was just a temporary ease of restrictions. Does it feel different now, or is that just me?

I may be an optimist, but I truly believe everything got better with the arrival of spring 2021!

Enough said, let’s get our mood back up, dust off our racquets and start looking around for places to play now! I don’t know about you but I got a bit rusty and I hate it! 

 Let’s enjoy this season like no other! It feels almost like revenge!

 As clubs reopen on March 26th, now is the time to prepare your gear.

And by all means, I’ll be very happy to see you. I’d love to shake your hand, but I guess we've got to wait a bit for that.




Sports Virtuoso founder