Heavier squash racquets - gross racquet weight is 161g and more

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140g or less 141-150g 151g-160g 161g and more

Gross weight of these racquets was measured in our store. It includes racquet frame, grip, grommets and factory strings (without advertisement artwork attached to the strings). We try to measure several racquets of the same model and find average weight. Please note that the weight and balance of the racquets vary between batches and the racquet brand.

Please note "lighter" doesn't always mean "better". Lightweight racquets tend to be more maneuverable but may be lacking power which can be compensated by more head heavy balance. In other words, a lightweight racquet with a headlight balance can be exceptionally maneuverable and fast but less forgiving on off-center shots and underpowered. On the other hand, a heavier racquet can provide a better control, especially on drops, lobs and length shots but might be less suitable for players with attacking style who prefer a fast pace of the game.

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