Tennis Racquet Demo Program

Sports Virtuoso SKU: 4978972885028
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Tennis Racquet Demo Program

Sports Virtuoso SKU: 4978972885028
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We are happy to offer you a tennis racquet demo program. 

It includes top of the line tennis racquets for which we change grips and strings regularly. Please contact us for the current racquet availability.

  • $15 per day, the racquet must be returned by the end of the next day to avoid being charged for the second day
  • $150-$280 deposit and $15 one day rental fee are charged upfront.
  • You can pay a deposit using a Credit card or Cash only.
  • If the racquet is not returned after 10 days, you can keep the racquet in which case the deposit will cover the cost of the racquet in full.
  • You are not liable if the strings break during the game
  • You will have to pay $50 if you break (crack) the racquet
  • The demo fee is credited back in the way of a discount if you end up buying a new racquet within 90 days. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Penar Musaraj

    Excellent service, good price. I tested a Yonex Percept and a Wilson Pro Staff, very much enjoyed the Percept, great racquet, bought two from the guys at the store. And the demo ended up costing me nothing.

    Strong recommend!

    Mostafa Mahmood
    Amazing service

    The team was really nice and helpful. They let me take 2 demo racquets to try them. They did not rush me or anythin. I ended up buying one of the racquets. Definitely going back in the future.

    Great service

    I agree with a previous review - They have a very good selection of tennis racquets and the service really was excellent.

    David Eap
    Tennis taquet demo program

    Very friendly and opened for testing a few taquets (4 différent models). This service is very helpful for one wants to make sure of his purchase/choice.
    I finally pick 2 Yonex eZone 98 (305g).
    A large choice of models and a reasonable price: it is a deal maker.

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