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The best

Best sock for pickeball cushion at the right place good for the toes my feet Hurt less and for the store very good customer service and polite ...and my shoes size 10.5 the médium size is perfect for the thorlo

Amazing product!
It was what i was looking for specifically. Everything as the frame or strings had no problem.

So far so good

Ça fait que quelques semaines avec la même balle et toujours intacte. Elle semble effectivement plus résistante que la Franklin X-40

Stringing Service
Stephan Lauzon

Excellente Job! Bonne recommendation malheureusement la couleur n’etait pas disponible…!

Great shop, with nice customer service. Fast delivery with UPS all over the world.
Can easily recommend.

Shipped quickly and great quality. Love the racket.

Stringing Service
Lyne Guerer
Excellent service

Cordage bien fait

Decent Racquet for a Reasonable Price

I like the the feel of it in my hand. its feels a little head heaver than what I am use to but all in all I like it.

Very good for people who transpire a lot . No fogging!

great bag

large enough for 2 rackets, simple and functional

Amazing racket and service

The racket itself is absolutely amazing. It offers amazing control especially in defensive plays. Despite its even balance, smashes can still be used with correct technique. I think that the racket in money to value ratio, worth it.

The person working at the store knows what he’s talking about and is very friendly.

I highly recommend this racket and this place.

Stringing Service
Gustavo Jara
Great service

I left my squash raquet for a couple of days and it's like new again. Thank you!

Hinge Broke after 1 month

I thought the product to be just fine. I use them because I do not like reflections that I get off of plastic lens. Still a little distracting vision distortion at the junction between the lens-less top and the lower portion.
I was disappointed in the hinge failure. I want and expect a product of this sort to be durable.

good product

Quite lightweight, no nose fatigue. Opening could be bigger and still keep out a squash ball. Shipped very quickly.


My shoes go way too fast. Found this to be very sturdy and comfortable while providing the support for the squash splits even though very light on the feet as well

Très rapide et très satisfait

Good product

Lightweight, comfortable, good squash protection, I'd like the open space to be a bit bigger, the ball would still not get through.

Good Glasses

These lensless glasses are great for squash play adding an extra element of protection.
For pickleball they also offer good protection. The lower eye opening does slightly alter vision but you do get used to it, and it does not really affect play often. Perfect would be a slightly larger bottom opening.
For users with astigmatism, these lensless glasses are a great option as most other safety glasses amplify distortion and the ability to track the ball.
I replaced the simple draw string strap with a sport strap, which for me keeps the glasses from moving at all. They are comfortable, and often forget I have them on during and after play.

Great shoes

I have several different Yonex shoes and this is one of the best (my favourite might still be the Aerus series though). These are extremely light and has tremendous cushion. What I am most impressed about so far is that even though I have slight fasciitis, it hasn’t gotten worse while playing once I started wearing these shoes.
Also very impressed with sports virtuoso. Very good price (the least expensive I could find on the internet) and very fast shipping. I’ll be coming here again.

Great fit

Was looking for a wider shoe with good arc support. Only played twice in them so far. They are very comfortable and at the same time the shoes are responsive.

Sale!? Was $107 now $150..!?

Ok. This is a 2011'Racket. 3 months ago this precision was priced at $111 and that is on this website. SALE!? K don't understand, because it's $40 more than it's previous price. Also, how do you expect to ever SALE a 15+ year old racket...? I'm now questioning the integrity of this entire "company" 🤔 ALL ABOUT THE $> NOT THE SPORT OR PLAYER/FAN HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND* -COACH C 🎾


Exactement ce que je cherchais, merci


Merci, exactement ce que je cherchais