About us

What Sports Virtuoso is all about

Our goal is plain and simple: To merge our enjoyment of the game into a business that we could be proud of and happy to work at. 

We stock everything a racquet sport enthusiast needs to enjoy the game. Our stores maintain a large selection of tennis, squash, badminton & other racquet sports equipment from top brands. We also offer stringing, re-gripping, and rental services to accommodate all needs.

Shopping online is no different from shopping at our local store in Montreal, but with all the added efficiency of the internet. SportsVirtuoso.com is easy to navigate with good product information to help you find the racquet gear you need. How you pay is flexible and secure, and your order will be carefully packaged and quickly shipped so that you can get on with playing your sport. 

If anything ever goes wrong, we are here to help. You can phone us, email us, send us mail, or even drop by and talk to us in person. 

All our products come with a manufacturer's warranty. If anything is ever defective, we will replace it at our expense.

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About Sports Virtuoso 

Our first racquet shop opened in 2005 for the love of racquet sports - especially squash.

The best thing about owning a racquet shop is the passionate customers. We love talking to people who are excited about the same things we enjoy - whether it be squash, tennis, or badminton. 

"It's a pleasure serving customers who are passionate about their sport.”

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