Babolat Aero Series

Babolat Aero Series

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Constantly seeking maximum spin to move your opponent and dominate the game ?
The new Pure Aero range evolves once again with a unique approach centered on your game.
BABOLAT has created this 8th generation to cater to each type of player in their quest for ultimate spin depending on : body type, point of contact after the bounce, swing style.
You will find an answer suited to your needs showcasing the spin that is in you !
Do you have powerful strokes and want to dictate the point with controlled spin?
Choose the Pure Aero !

  • Lightweight Design: The racquets are engineered to be lightweight, allowing players to swing with ease and maneuverability, enabling faster reaction times and shot execution.

  • Aerodynamic Features: Designed with aerodynamics in mind, the racquets reduce air resistance, enabling players to generate increased racquet head speed, resulting in more powerful shots and enhanced spin potential.

  • Power and Control: The combination of lightweight construction and aerodynamic design enhances power while maintaining control, providing players with the ability to hit explosive shots while still maintaining accuracy and precision.

  • Stability and Comfort: Despite their lightweight nature, Babolat Aero racquets offer stability during impact, reducing vibrations and ensuring a comfortable feel upon ball contact, which helps reduce the risk of arm fatigue or injury.

  • Tailored Options: The Aero series offers a variety of models suited to different playing styles and skill levels, allowing players to choose a racquet that aligns with their specific preferences and needs on the court.

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