EC3D SportsMed Compressive Epicondylitis Brace 3D 971-MBK

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The Epicondylian bracelet relieves elbow tenderness pain such as "Tennis Elbow" (lateral epicondylitis), muscle pain in the elbow or inflammation / irritation in the same area. Two integrated pads to give the extra custom support to tendons and aching muscles. The Velcro® band is used to regulate compression as required. Relieves the pain of the muscle insertion point, stimulates healing and reduces pain in the forearm. Effective on the right and on the left.

- Velcro® band to adjust the compression level to specific needs.
- Wicks moisture and more comfortable than traditional neoprene accessories.

1 unit

Please take the measurement about two inches below the elbow.

Content : 70 % Polyamide, 30 % Elastane


10 mmHg

  1. Targeted and precise relief of tensions
  2. Easy to put on and to adjust with a Velcro® band
  3. Unique 3-dimentional design

Machine wash on normal cycle
Do not tumble dry, hang to dry
Do not use fabric softener
Only oxygen / non-chlorine bleach allowed
Do not iron

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