Be ready for Father's Day! Our Gift Ideas.

Jun 15, 2022

I'll start off by saying I'm glad to see so many of you still active after those difficult two years. It's so great to see your faces and smiles again.

Father's day is coming up, so I thought I'd give you some gift ideas. Might be useful to you too!

You all know we have a large selection of racquets, shoes, grips and other accessories.

What you might not know is that we also have a lot of products that help you prevent injuries and stay in the game longer.

Being a competitive squash player myself, I've tried a lot of different products and want to share what I liked best.

BV Sport Compression Calf Sleeve. It helps you perform better but above all it reduces the risk of Achilles tendon inflammation.

BV Sport Calf Sleeves

BV Sport CSX Men's Compression Short.

They keep your muscles warm and make your movements smoother. And they certainly reduce the risk of injury.

BV Sport CSX Shorts

Another remarkable product is the Epitact Knee brace. It's light, comfortable, and absolutely amazing for anyone with knee problems.

Epitact Knee brace

Having suffered from foot pain for years, I can tell you that good insoles make all the difference. Sure, the shoes themselves are important, but you'd be surprised how much better it feels when you replace the flimsy original insoles with better quality ones.

Kneed Insoles

Do you know we're also a Halo Headband distributor? These are awesome headbands, bandanas, and sport hats that keep sweat off your eyes. Believe it or not but this product got a patent a few decades ago for its sweat blocking technology. Hard to believe, but check them out before you get too skeptical. And if sweat in the eyes isn't your problem, you may still like these stylish and colourful headbands made in California.

Halo Headbands

Last but not least, you can always buy a gift card in person or online. The gift cards never expire and can be used on anything in our store or website.

SV Gift Card

Let me wish you a great summer on behalf of our family business!


Sports Virtuoso founder