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Black Knight Ion Galaxy Power Surge PS Squash Racquet

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Frame: Power Surge, BK’s Thermal Core technology (TC), NCT, 16K Fibre, Power of 6, Rad Cushion grip
String: SuperNick XL Micro
String Tension: 25-29
Rigidity (RF): 93 stiff
AFW: 140g
DW: 135
Balance: Head light
Speed: 8.3
Power: 8.9
Control: 9.7
Area: 500
Designed for: Advanced to Professional
Characteristics: The Ion Galaxy has been re-engineered with a thicker bridge and throat, and with the addition of
Power Surge to the shaft, to make this racquet the top doubles player’s choice. If you are serious about your doubles
game this is the racquet to use, with its increased stiffness, added power and enhanced vibration dampening
attributes. In addition to the Power Surge shaft it also features Black Knight’s latest technologies such as NCT, Power
of 6, 16K and BK’s Thermal Core technology. The Galaxy PS weighs in at 140g and is strung with Ashaway Supernick