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Black Knight TruFlight 4000 Badminton Shuttle SH-4000 6-Pack

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Tube of 6 Shuttles

Badminton is defined by the unique flight of the rapidly spinning and rapidly decelerating shuttlecock (referred to by some as shuttles or birds!). Played delicately or struck with blistering force, a great shuttlecock must reorient rapidly, stabilize and fly with precision. For a shuttlecock, “speed” refers to how far a shuttlecock will travel when struck with a standard force, “further” being considered “faster”. With differences in air resistance related to altitude, humidity and temperature, the same shuttlecock will have a different ”speed” at different locations. Black Knight offers its shuttlecocks in a varietly of speeds and grades to suit play from recreational to international levels. Black Knight makes great quality shuttlecocks. Look to Black Knight for the best in tournament feather shuttlecocks, and the best in synthetic (nylon) shuttlecocks as well.