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Black Knight UltraLight QUICKSILVER nXS Squash Racquet SQ-2530

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A classic model reborn. The original Quicksilver was introduced in the 2000-2001 season and won a large following at all levels of squash. For the Quicksilver nXS, the original frame shape and specifications have been respected, but the materials and structure have been brought up to current standards. It is now pre-strung this racquet with the unique SpuerNick ZX 17g Orange from Ashaway, and wrapped the handle with a super-tacky RAD Cushion grip. The Quicksilver nXS is an outstanding choice for both hard hitters who like to take the ball early, and for control players who depend on touch and precision.  


Materials and Technologies used:


HMG (High Modulus Graphite)

Nano-Carbon nXS

Quartz Carbon

Rad Cushion grip: Exceptional gripping performance from dry to wet. You have to try the new RAD grips from Black Knight to really appreciate how a great grip can improve your game.

Weight indicated by Manufacturer:130 g
Measured Weight:156g
Primary Colour:Silver or Grey
Colours:Red|Silver or Grey
Measured Balance point:08 HH,368mm,14.5"
Frame Materials:Graphite|Carbon
Frame surface area:487 cm2
String pattern:14x19
Factory Strings:Ashaway Supernick ZX 17g Orange
Factory Grip:Black Knight RAD Cushion Grey/Black
Manufacturing country:CN

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