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During sporting activity, pelvis and thigh muscles are subjected to high venous and biomechanical constraints that may be increased by some sports.

The original structure of NATURE3R compression shorts is specifically adapted for sports, and is composed of different meshes. It is made with tear-proof seams and several retention levels spread over the muscle groups of the thigh and buttocks.

Dryarn polypropylene microfiber is used. This microfiber is durable, comfortable, environmentally friendly, does not absorb moisture and dries very quickly.
It improves the tone of the muscles during exercise significantly, reduces vibration and improves muscle performance.

Combined with the BOOSTER, NATURE3R shorts effortlessly accelerates the elimination of toxins and improves oxygenation of muscle, tendon and ligament.

During a regular sport, it reduces the risk of injury. In patients with a history of injury, it is particularly suitable.

- 69% Polyamide.
- 20% Polypropylene.
- 11% Spandex.