Halo I Headband Tie version

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Halo I Headband Tie version

Halo SKU: 184771000015
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The Halo I is the original headband that started it all. The design is a headband that ties in the back to create a custom fit for the wearer and includes all the features that make Halo Headbands the best functioning headbands on the market. Dryline® Fabric and Halo’s own Sweatblock Technology make this headband popular with cyclists, runners, lacrosse players and any athlete looking for a custom fitted headband. 

Halo I Tie Headband Features:

  • Ties securely in the back
  • Patented SweatBlock Seal channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face!
  • Dryline® fabric absorbs sweat, wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Will not lose shape, form or stretch out
  • Stays in place during any activity
  • One size fits both men and women
  • Works great under helmets
  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Made in USA

How It Works

HALO - How it works

Dryline fabric is a high performance material that quickly evaporates moisture so you stay dry and comfortable.  It is lightweight, durable, and abrasion resistant which will not lose shape.

Dryline VisaEndurance®


VisaEndurance technologies combine effective long lasting odor control with moisture management and easy care. What sets it apart is its combination of odor control with a multitude of other performance capabilities for providing overall comfort to the end-user.


Benefits include:

  •   Controls odors
  •   Wicks perspiration away from the body
  •   Dries quickly
  •   Releases stains
  •   Soft and breathable

Moisture Management

What does moisture management mean to you?  It means that this fabric will help keep you dry by wicking away sweat and perspiration from your body when you are working hard or working out.  In fact, this wicking property is one of the most important features in high performance apparel, because it helps to keep you comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations.

Antimicrobial Odor

VisaEndurance is a silver-based antimicrobial. It is powered by silver ions, which control the growth of odor causing bacteria and therefore keeps the fabric smelling fresh.  The silver ions are actually encased in a ceramic cage and are only released when they come in contact with human sweat.

Stain Releasing

Unlike other synthetic fabrics, VisaEndurance fabrics release most stubborn stains easily in the wash.  VisaEndurance is less likely to pick up other dirts and oils from the wash water, so colors tend to stay the same and do not become "grayed out" over time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Élyse Bouillé


F Wilson
Great product

The Halo Headband is terrific. It has completely solved the problem of sweat running into my eyes while cycling inside on my trainer.

Chris Higgins
Another solid product that really works

This is a nice looking yet understated headband that really does what it is supposed to. The tie feature allows me greater flexibility and I have never noticed the knot under my helmet. If you need a high efficiency headband Halo products should be top of your list.

Très satisfait

J’utilise le bandeau lors de mes classes de spinning. J’avais l’habitude d’avoir plein de sueur dans les yeux et le visage. Le bandeau fonctionne très bien. Aucune sueur dans les yeux et le visage lors du spinning. Le tissu aussi absorbe beaucoup. J’ai acheté le modèle le moins cher pour l’ essayer. Ça marche! Très satisfait de mon achat. Confortable aussi.

Craig G.
Halo headband

Quick delivery. Very happy with the quality and performance.

Keith Simison
Halo Headband I

They are excellent. Better than one-size fits all headbands.

Edward Wingate

I bought the headband after riding with a friend who got one years ago as a give away at a bike race. I'm really happy with it. I've used terrycloth headbands for years to keep sweat out of my eyes, but they never really work.

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