Halo II - pullover headband

Halo SKU: 184771000053

Halo II - pullover headband

Halo SKU: 184771000053
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Featuring a classic elastic pullover design, the Halo II will fit any head comfortably to redirect sweat and moisture from your eyes and face.

With our patented SweatBlock Technology and Dryline® Fabric, these athletic sweatbands will keep up with your high performance training.

The Halo II’s are great sweatbands for running, cycling, squash, tennis, badminton, or virtually any other activity that will work up a sweat. They fit comfortably under helmets and are great headbands for men or women.

Halo II Pullover Headband Features:

  • Pullover design is very comfortable
  • Patented SweatBlock Seal channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face!
  • Dryline® fabric absorbs sweat, wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Will not lose shape, form or stretch out
  • Stays in place during any activity
  • One size fits both men and women
  • Works great under helmets
  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Made in USA

Patented Sweat Seal forms a water tight seal that channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face
Manufactured with high quality Dryline® fabric
Antimicrobial fabric is embedded with silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria
Headband is 2" wide in front and tapers back for good ear clearance
Hand wash, hang dry

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Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Bruce Grant
a definite improvement, but not 100% sweatless

the Halo II has significantly reduced the sweat pouring into my eyes, tested in stationary indoor bike training and outdoor mtn and gravel rides.
However, there are still some drips that form and run down my nose between the eyebrows, but these fall into the "irritating" category instead of the "blinding me" classification - so it is a definite improvement compared to not using the Halo II.
As for general fit, the fixed one-size band can be slightly snug and headache-inducing after some time until it gets stretched out with use.
Also, to fit under a helmet, the band adds width to your head so your helmet can't be already snug, otherwise you, like me, may end up with a splitting headache from the additional pressure. Maybe an Air model would be thinner compared to the Halo II fabric?

Keith Simison

I am a long-time Halo user. My new Halo Headband ll works very well. We cycle in an area of high temperatures and high humidity. It effectively keeps sweat out of my eyes.

Best small piece of kit I own!

I searched high and low for something that would keep the sweat running off my brow and into my cycling glasses on hot weather rides, and was super happy to discover the Halo II. Works amazingly well, and i've recently discovered that it adds an extra layer of windblocking during cold days as well. The Sweatblock is undoubtedly the best part of the design, and so far, it's stood up well to over 40+ trips to the washing machine...I've even purchased a second one as my backup for multiple day rides...highly recommended!

Juan Carlos Obando
Halo Headband w/ Canadian Banner

Halo Headband is an amazing product that I truly believe in wholeheartedly. The sweat seat technology definitely works and the sweat absorption from the headband truly works and keeps the sweat at bay, allowing me to train, run, and compete freely.

scott harpin
Amazingly efficient

Not a drop of sweat rolled down my forehead . The Halo after my ride was totally drenched but nothing fell in my eyes. Usually I had to wipe my forehead every 15 min at least. So good I would recommend the Halo to everyone!

Essential part of my kit!!

I’ve been using halo pullover for many years now. I bought the original version when it came out in the US when the company first started and I never looked back. It’s an important part of my cycling and running kit that I can’t do without. Just purchased a new version 2 recently and still has the same great quality has the original plus a longer silicon strip it’s perfect!

Mike Faulkner
Blind no more

Use Halo II pullover headband in two hot yoga classes, I no longer have to stop and wipe my face or have stinging eyes
Works great
Thanks so much HALO

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