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Black Knight Quicksilver TC Squash Racquet SQ-2630

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Black Knight have added an additional variation of the all popular Quicksilver model. Last year the nXS model was introduced and this year Thermal Core (TC) technology has been added.

Compared with the NXS model it is 5 grams lighter at 125 grams, but this feels like 10 grams difference as this model is head light (NXS was evenly balanced). The lighter weight and balance change give this new model increased manouverability & swing speed over the NXS model, there is a slight sacrifice in power and a slight increase in control.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced squash players.

Black Knight Quicksilver TC Specs:

Avg. Frame Weight: 125 g
Dynamic Weight: 120 g
String Area: 487 cm2
Rigidity Factor: 88 Medium
Balance: Head Light
String: SuperNick ZX 17g Orange
Swing Speed: 9.5
Power: 8.3
Control: 9.1

The Rigidity Factor is an average specification for the stiffness of a model, and is relative to the sport. In general, RF numbers from the mid 70’s to low 80’s can be considered as flexible; RF’s from the low to high 80’s as medium stiff; and high 80’s and up, as stiff to very stiff.

Dynamic Weight (DW) versus Average Frame Weight (AFW): Black Knight has adopted two complementary standards which relate to racquet weight and balance. As the numbers refer to an average per model, there can be a small variation from racquet to racquet of a given model.

  • Average Frame Weight (AFW): In squash this is the average weight of the racquet without string and grommet strip. The same standard is used for all BK squash models. In badminton, AFW is the average weight of the model, unstrung.
  • Dynamic Weight (DW): Applicable only to squash racquets at this time, DW is an index derived from relating frame weight to overall balance. It is not a measure in grams. Essentially it is a unit for how heavy a racquet will tend to feel during play. Generally, comparing one racquet to another, the higher the DW, the more weight the racquet has in the head.

The extent to which the dynamic weight of a model is higher or lower than its average frame weight indicates to what extent the racquet is balanced towards the head (higher) or handle (lower). A light racquet with a head heavy balance could have the same DW as a heavy racquet with a light head, because the weight felt while swinging will be similar.

Speed | Power | Control
1-10 Black Knight scale for expected racquet speed, racquet power and racquet control. 1 is low, 10 is high - ie. the racquet performs well in this area.

Weight indicated by Manufacturer:124 g
Measured Weight:145g
Primary Colour:Black
Measured Balance point:-01 HL,340mm,13.4\"
Frame Materials:Graphite|Carbon
Frame surface area:487 cm2
String pattern:14x19
Factory Strings:Ashaway Supernick ZX 17g Orange
Factory Grip:Black Knight RAD Cushion Yellow/Black
Manufacturing country:CN"

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