Tecnifibre 305 SPL 1.10 (18g) Squash String Set

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*Please note we do not sell pre packaged sets of Tecnifibre string , instead we cut 10 meters of string straight from the 200M reel and package ourselves. This ensures you recieve a fresh string that was manufactured in the past 6 months.

This string's Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec, SPL, technology reduces elongation and improves durability by 40%. Also, its micro-composite fibers provide high resiliency for increased power, while the polyurethane in the string reduces shock during ball impact. Thin gauge for excellent ball speed.

This is probably the most used squash string EVER...the nearest feel to natural gut but more durable. Its unique multifilament construction with the highest concentration of PU at 45% in the Tecnifibre line-up makes this string top in comfort, and provides the most control.

  • gauge: 18g
  • color: neon green
  • lenght: 32'