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We are happy to announce a new addition to the “Incognito series”, the Crucible Incognito.

The mold is exactly the same as the original Crucible which was released in 2018, but the construction is not.

All racquets in the “Incognito series” are made of 100% Toray Japan carbon fiber using prepreg technology.

Prepreg is a composite material in which a reinforcement fiber is pre-impregnated with resin in a specific ratio. This allows for direct laying into a mold without having to add resin. Every racquet has the same ratio of resin with no excess or dry spots. Uniform thickness allows for all racquets to be almost identical, with the same weight and balance as per advertised specifications.

The racquet shape has proven its success over the years and is still actively offered by many brands around the world. Some players call it “hybrid” as it's not exactly a “bridged” racquet like the Xamsa Obsidian, and it's not a teardrop racquet like the Xamsa PXT.

The original Crucible is considered an almost flawless racquet by many Xamsa supporters and, based on the feedback we received, the only room for improvement was the maneuverability. The prepreg technology allows racquets to be made lighter and more powerful without compromising control. We made a few prototypes with different weights and balances, and had our supporters test them. A strung weight/balance of 145 g / 355 mm proved to be the winner.

The Crucible Incognito is 10 g lighter and 10 mm more head light than the original Crucible. Let’s see if it becomes a truly flawless racquet! Give it a try with no risk involved as you can return it within 30 days for a store credit in case you are not 100% satisfied, thanks to the Xamsa Satisfaction Guarantee program. The store credit never expires and can be used for any product(s) on XamsaSquash.com or SportsVirtuoso.com web site or in-store.

Xamsa Crucible Incognito Specifications:

Construction 100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber, Prepreg technology
Net Frame Weight 105 grams
Strung Weight 145 grams
Surface area 500 cm2
Length 686 mm
Balance (strung) 355 mm +/- 5mm
String 14x19 pattern
Grip Xamsa Black

Here is review of the Xamsa Crucible Incognito racquet by Pierre from Squash Source:

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ernesto Lapiedra (7664)

Je suis vraiment très satisfait de cette raquette!

Jean-Marc Proulx

Best racquet ever had. Good quality for the price

Nice Racquet

Racquet is very good quality and looks great in person. The stringing job was also perfect. I would have to say that the bumper guard could be of better quality as it seems to crack easily. All in all I doubt you can find a better racquet for the money. Great service.

Kevin from Vancouver
Xamsa crucible incognito

Great racket, very happy with my purchase. Feels more manoeuvrable and quicker than my old, now backup, crucible (not incognito), which I also love. A noticable improvement on back corner work and volleying. Would recommend to all players. Looks sexy too.

Donald Koval
Fantastic racquet

I purchased this racquet recently, and have been very happy with it, winning my last 4 intercity squash matches. It has great power, feel and touch. The stringing was done exactly as asked for, and the overgrip is perfect. For the price I cannot imagine a better racquet for the price.

Great but not very durable

Probably the best racquet I ever had, even though I usually prefer traditional head shapes. I felt like I had more control and more power compared to my old Harrow Vapor, my previous favourite racquet. The racquet is very stiff, and I would not recommend to someone who likes to make use of flick shots frequently. Volleying feels excellent and the ball just pops right off without having to exert power. The ball seems to go exactly where I want it to go, especially for drop shots. I had no problem at all generating power with the racquet, even from awkward positions. I would recommend this racquet to players who favour control over power, especially those who like to volley and play very precise drop shots. I would not recommend this racquet to the pure power-player. I wanted to give this racquet 5 stars, but...

Regrettably, after only 3,5 weeks of use (about 8 times playing), I broke it after making contact with the wall with the racquet, attempting to play a boast. Admittedly, it was a pretty hard hit to the wall. Still, I think most other racquets would have survived the impact. I had been very careful with it prior to this incident. It is really sad, as I was really starting to feel the racquet and had become adapted to the non-conventional head shape. Of course, this can happen in a game like squash.

I still would like to try other Xamsa racquets now, such as the Obsidian, as I liked the racquet very much; but considering the total price (racquet+shipping to the Netherlands) I may just use my old racquet for now.

I discussed the issue with Olivier. It so happened Olivier had a video of his match and agreed to upload it for others to see. Thank you!
It's hard to tell. The impact with the wall was quite significant. The glass wall is particularly brutal as it's a much stiffer material.
We tested this model thoroughly and it didn't appear to be fragile at all.
Anyway, let's give it another try. Olivier was kind enough to pay 50% for a warranty replacement. Hopefully, a new racquet will serve you well and long! Please keep us posted.