Xamsa eXposed Eyelet Grommet Set

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Set of eyelets for conversion Squash racquet to "eXposed" version.

By replacing the bumper & grommet set with eyelets, the racquet becomes on average 11 g lighter and 12 mm more headlight. This relatively simple customization makes the racquet significantly more maneuverable, faster, easier to swing, allows players to hold the shot for longer, and even makes it easier to hit tight balls off the side wall.

The feature does come with some downsides too. First, durability. A racquet without the top bumper isn’t as durable. The eXposed series is not covered by warranty so please be gentle if you decide to give it a try.

Second, some players may find that the racquet doesn’t have enough power and is less forgiving on off-center shots due to the light weight and balance.