Xamsa Obsidian eXposed 16x19 Squash Racquet

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Exceptional control and durability. 16x19 string pattern with no bumper guard making it easier to return tight balls along the wall.  Prepreg technology.

Warranty void due to the top bumper removed.

Limited edition 100 racquets only! We will decide if we will make more depending on your feedback and demand.


100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber

Prepreg technology

Diamond shaped edges for better aerodynamics

No bumper guard, just eyelets

Net Frame Weight 115 grams
Strung Weight (with Xamsa PM18) 145 grams
Surface area 500 cm2
Length 686 mm
Balance (strung) 370 mm ± 5mm
String UNSTRUNG, 16x19 string pattern
Grip Xamsa Tacky Grip, Black