Xamsa Obsidian Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet

Xamsa SKU: 706090798000
Xamsa Obsidian Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa No strings
Xamsa Obsidian Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet Squash Racquets Xamsa

Xamsa Obsidian Incognito eXposed Squash Racquet

Xamsa SKU: 706090798000
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Excellent control without compromising maneuverability. Incognito design.

About 15 g lighter than regular Obsidian and 9 g lighter than the Obsidian Incognito

Top bumper and the side grommets are replaced with the eXposed grommets which makes the racquet 9 g lighter and 18 mm more head light.

Made of 100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber using Prepreg technology.

 Power Control Durability
4 9 6

100% Toray Japan Carbon Fiber

Prepreg technology

Diamond shaped edges for better aerodynamics

No top bumper (warranty void)

Net Frame Weight 110 grams
Strung Weight (with Xamsa PM18) 135 grams
Surface area 500 cm2
Length 686 mm
Balance (strung) 342 mm
String 14x18 pattern, unstrung
Grip No grip, Xamsa X-GLU green is offered as a free option.

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Xamsa Obsidian Incognito eXposed is officially a head light racquet!

135 g / 342 mm balance. You may ask what is so unique about it?

Well, since there is no industry standard, the term "head light" is often misused. The racquet length is 686 mm so the even balance point is 343 mm. In theory, if the number is higher than 343, the racquet is head heavy and if the number is lower, the racquet is head light. That being said, we have measured hundreds of different brand racquets (strung) and all of them had a balance point of more than 343 mm (head heavy by definition). Some long time ago, we tried to make a Xamsa racquet with a head light balance but the racquet turned out to be unplayable - too weak on off-center shots and was lacking power big time. At that point, we decided to put this idea aside but kept thinking that, perhaps, in the future, we would be able to come up with the model that would be exceptionally maneuverable and relatively stable at the same time. Not sure this is the moment but it seems we are not too far from it.

When I first tried it in a solo practice, I didn't like it either as I couldn't achieve a consistent length and had to force every shot to make it to the back of the court but my perspective has changed once I started using it in a real game. It's just so light and maneuverable that I quickly learnt how to generate enough swing speed to get the ball to the back of the court and what a touch it has on drop shots! You literally feel when the ball touches the strings and all it takes is to direct it to the right spot. Well, it goes without saying that you have to be steady and in the right position to do the drop shot in the first place.

It's not for everyone but I am confident that there will be squash players who will enjoy it as much as I do. 

Tim Burganov, Xamsa Squash co-founder

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