Xamsa PNT 110 (former CNT 135) Squash Racket

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Some players prefer bridged rackets while others rather a teardrop shape. It's a matter of personal preference. There are many arguments defending both types of rackets.

Typically though, lightweight teardrop rackets are considered best suited for an attacking style of play while bridged rackets are more popular among players seeking increased control or finesse.


Since there are many ways to measure the weight of a squash racket, we have specified the most commonly used standards.


  • Weight: 110 grams (frame only), 135 grams (frame and grommets), 155 grams (frame, grommets, strings and grip)

  • Balance: Neutral

  • Strings: Xamsa Senze, 1.2mm, 17 gauge. Xamsa Senze is constructed using a thousand microfilaments as a center core then wrapped in braided fibres. The rough surface and resistance gives good control of the ball, and the elastic coating provides extra power.

  • Tension: 26 lb

Because of our tendency towards lightweight rackets, we made the frames quite stiff using first grade carbon fibre for added durability. We tried to achieve a perfect blend of power and agility with no traces of vibration. With a net frame weight of only 110 grams, the power and control will surprise most players. Give it a try with no risk involved as we have an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on Xamsa rackets. We have provided demos to our local representatives. Please feel free to drop by and test the rackets for yourself!


Weight indicated by Manufacturer:110 g
Measured Weight:155g
Primary Colour:Black
Colours:White|Silver or Grey|Black
Balance point indicated by Manufacturer:even
Measured Balance point:07 HH,365mm,14.4\"
Frame Materials:Graphite|Carbon
String pattern:14x18
Factory Strings:Xamsa PM18 Black
Factory Grip:Xamsa Black
Manufacturing country:CN"

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