Xamsa PXT 110 Squash Racquet

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Xamsa PXT 110 Specifications:

Construction Toray Japan carbon fiber, basalt
Net Weight 110 grams
Strung Weight 150 grams
Surface area 500 cm2
Length 686 mm
Balance (strung) 355 mm +/- 5mm
String 14x18 pattern, Xamsa Microfilament PMZ-18g, Black
Grip Xamsa X-GLU, White
Check out the video review made by Pierre from Squash Source

A little bit of Xamsa PXT history

The Xamsa PXT prototype was originally developed in 2014. While playability was impressive, durability was average. After thorough testing and experimentation with different segments of reinforcement and balance point, we decided to put a thin layer of carbon fiber woven with polyolefin to reduce vibration and basalt to strengthen the frame at the 9:00-10:00, 11:30-12:30 and 2:00-3:00 o'clock.

The balance point was also brought down to 355mm, resulting in an even faster swing speed. Overall, we feel that a perfect combination of playability and durability has been achieved. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself, and remember that Xamsa Squash has an unconditional 30 day return policy.

More on racquet design process

We would also like to take this opportunity to provide a bit more information about the process of developing Xamsa PXT-110 model. 

First of all, we would like to mention that the base mold was designed by the contract manufacturer in China and not by Xamsa. 

If you follow racquet technology, you will find that certain brands, and more specifically the ones making tennis racquets, use softening materials to reduce vibration. In addition, some brands use materials and processes that provide further strengthening of the frame. These materials are woven into carbon fiber sheets and/or layered with the carbon fiber. 

When creating the PXT-110 our goal was to use a proven technology to bring to market an excellent modern racquet at a fair price point.

At first, we tried to make a prototype with Japanese carbon fiber without any vibration damping or strengthening materials (see photo below). We wanted to call it “Darko” but nobody seemed to like that name so we dropped it.

Darko felt and played well but durability was average. We were also concerned that the racquet didn’t feel very light possibly due to the 367 mm balance point.

Darko specs: 153.53gr / 367mm - strung weight and balance.

Then, we started thinking about how we could strengthen the frame without adding weight. 

Another concern we had was not making the frame too stiff since that could lead to an unresponsive racquet with excess vibration. We decided to weave a layer of vibration damping material (carbon fiber with polyolefin) and a layer of strengthening material (basalt) on certain points of the racquet (see image below).

We asked the factory to apply these materials at the 9:00-10:00, 2:00-3:00 and 6:00 o’clock positions. The prototype turned out to be almost the same weight and balance (153.82 gr / 366mm) as the original. Unfortunately, for some reason the racquet felt like a brick.


We thought this must be due to the balance point of 366-367mm and asked the factory if they could make it more head light, although they were not sure that would be possible. Also, we couldn’t understand why the racquet felt so stiff. We suspected it might be the basalt at the 6:00 o’clock position. Thus, we asked the factory to switch the vibration damping material and basalt from 6:00 o’clock and put it at 11:30 - 12:30 o’clock.

Some time later, we received 2 more prototypes with the following specs: 150.55gr / 358 mm (strung). 152.17 gr / 370 mm (strung).

And the exciting news was that the factory figured out a way how to make the racquet more head light. What was even more exciting was that both prototypes were amazing, even the one with 370 mm balance point. Removing basalt from 6:00 o’clock position was the trick! 

With a big relief we placed an order with the factory. The balance point was brought down to 355mm for mass production and the result, we believe, will speak for itself.


Weight indicated by Manufacturer:110 g
Measured Weight:152g
Primary Colour:Black
Colours:Silver or Grey|Black
Balance point indicated by Manufacturer:355mm
Measured Balance point:04 HH,356mm,14.0"
Frame Materials:Graphite|Carbon
Frame surface area:500.0000 cm2
String pattern:14x18
Factory Strings:Xamsa Microfilament PMZ-18g Black
Factory Grip:Xamsa PU White
Manufacturing country:CN

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